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Basket Brigade
Every fall, the students, families and teachers of Los Cerros Middle School in Danville work together to accomplish a very special project called The Basket Brigade.  This project supplies 300 food baskets at Thanksgiving time to underprivileged families throughout the East Bay.  Each basket is a laundry basket that contains everything needed for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner plus many extras.  The items are cranberry, gravy, green beans, corn, chicken broth, fruit cocktail, corn bread mix, stuffing, fresh produce (oranges, apples, potatoes, onions, celery, and carrots), tea and hot cocoa, a paper towel roll, a tinfoil roll, a cotton dishtowel, and some small toiletries.  Two very special additions are a beautiful Thanksgiving card made by the art students and a homemade loaf of pumpkin bread baked by the cooking students and families at home. We also include a $10 Safeway gift card for the purchase of a turkey.  We highly encourage student participation.  It is a wonderful way to help our children give back to their community and to help them appreciate everything they are so lucky to have.  The Friday before Thanksgiving, all 300 baskets will be delivered by our parents to local shelters for families suffering from domestic violence and homelessness and local organizations providing help to low-income families.  These shelters and organizations are located in Concord, Martinez and Livermore.  The majority of the contents of the food baskets are donated by Los Cerros families.  The produce is donated by a local produce wholesaler; the toiletries are donated by Las Trampas Inc, an organization that serves developmentally disabled adults.
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